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Individuals • $35 per year
Includes this year's edition of the levy manual and our quarterly printed newsletter

Organizations • $250 per year
Includes this year's edition of the levy manual, our quarterly print newsletter and the email version of our newsletter to distribute to your membership

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 What Is Support Ohio Schools?

SOS is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide winning strategies and advice to levy campaigns.  As a nonprofit you are asked only to make an annual $450 to $650 contribution based upon number of registered voters.  You also receive six copies of The Levy Book for contributing.

 What Do We Receive?
  • On site visit to your school district for meeting with volunteers.
  • Voter Lists with a wealth of information about voters in your school district.
  • Expert advice about the latest research about what works and does not work in levy campaigns.
  • Access to graphic artists and printers who know what is required for levy campaigns.
  • Up-to-date research about voter attitudes.
  • Walking lists for door to door campaign
  • Email and phone support during the campaign.
  • Low cost polling.
 Sounds Too Good—What Else Should We Know?
  • SOS has contributions from organizations that want levy campaigns to succeed, and that pays for its operations.
  • Your contribution is your commitment to help.
 How Do I Know This Works?

SOS has assisted over 230 levy campaigns since 2009 with a success rate far exceeding statewide results. Some of the levy campaigns had multiple defeats prior to SOS involvement.  We can provide references upon request.

SOS worked with 13 levy campaigns in August and November 2015 with a record of 12 wins and 1 loss.

 Does SOS Have Any Partnerships?
  • SOS is an independent 501(c)4 nonprofit, and we partner with organizations.
    Our office is located in the ESC of Central Ohio.
  • Partners: Ohio ESC Association, Ohio Association of School Business Officials, Ohio Education Association, Bowling Green State University College of Education
  • There is a nonprofit board committed to Winning For Kids.
 How Is SOS Different Than Campaign Consultants?
There are excellent levy campaign consultants in Ohio, and we work closely with them. 
Our primary clients are school districts that are too small to afford a campaign consultant. 
SOS does provide the same voter lists and advice to any campaign.
 How Do We Get Started?

Contact Us 

Call the SOS office at 614-255-6978 and ask to speak with Jerry Rampelt.


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